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Mathurah Ravigulan (mathu)

I'm a creative technologist who graduated from Systems Design Engineering at UWaterloo. I'm a design engineer at Netflix, invest in early-stage start-ups, and write + dive down rabbitholes.

📍 Currently: in Toronto (say hi!) or shoot me an email: mathurah.ravigulan@gmail.com

I think in systems and I experience my life in omnioculars. I enjoy building fun projects to bring joy to the web, collaborating with friends, working on hard problems, and making an impact. I also love sharing my thoughts with the world and telling stories through creative writing and personal essays.

Some areas I'm interested in include: creative/collaborative coding, tools for thought, intersection of product and engineering, human computer interaction, story-telling, and education.

right now I’m:

  • Writing about my life and thoughts on my blog.

  • Taking a break and spending some time in Toronto before I move to the Bay Area to start work in August!

  • Investing in pre-seed & seed founders as a scout at Bain Capital Ventures. Hit me up if you're building something cool :)

  • Organizing the next rabbitholeathon

in past lives I explored:

Eng & Product

The engineer in me loves tinkering with things! I’ve worked on projects in consumer tech & entertainment, creator economy, finance, and SaaS tools.

braille buddy

worked on an interdisciplinary computer vision and ml project that provides the user audio feedback as their hand moves across the braille page.

fall 2023 and winter 2024

design technology at netflix

built prototypes for web and tv for the acquisition and games team. two completely different problem spaces, prototypes and a lot of learning. their first intern!

summer 2023

engineering at replit

redesigned the cycles transaction history page for Replit as a product engineer

fall 2022


built an open-sourced email platform - ability to send emails to specific groups of people, similar to cabal using yc portfolio companies

summer 2023


joined at seed, wore a ton of hats! coded fun front-end projects, redesigned their demo flow and supported product strategy

winter 2022


worked as a pm for microsoft's build team!

summer 2021


built components for shopify's checkout design system

fall 2020


I love supporting friends with baby ideas, analyzing trends & thinking about what’s next. In an ideal world, I’ll get to do a bit of my own building and supporting founders.

scout at bain capital ventures

investing in pre-seed & seed founders. hit me up if you're building something cool :)


head of platform of envision accelerator

providing non-dilutive grants to underrepresented founders and supported during their 0 to 1 phase.

fall 2021 - winter 2022

modern angels

helped organize a summit for over 100 women operator angels in SF, developed logo and brand, and developed a lot of the community infrastructure for 330+ angels!

fall 2022

early stage investing

researched and identified trends in the developer tool space, supported modern angels and podcast work for cowboy

winter 2022 - winter 2023

growth stage investing

first stint at a growth-stage vc! researched the real-time data streaming space and organized an intro to ai workshop with replit and mosaic ml

summer 2023


It truly takes a village. Grateful for all the communities I’ve been able to foster, and those that have welcomed me with open arms.

personal & cozy computed hackathon

organized a personal and cozy computing hackathon in NYC at betaworks. oversubscribed with 150+ creatives in NYC. see projects here


raised 88k to organize quarterly retreats for technologists to explore rabbitholes and think critically about the world. currently backed by Schmidt Futures!


hosted some of the first few rendition of socratica at waterloo, rekindling creative exploration on campus and beyond

cansbridge fellowship

supporting admissions and welcoming the next generation of fellows


super grateful to be a 2024 neo scholar - excited for all the awesome people I’ll get to meet!

hack lodge

nerd camp! attended crypto hack lodge winter 2022 and general hack lodge in summer 2022. lots of learning and exploring

tech+ uw

scaled the team from 4 to 40+ ppl! helped run coffee chats, mentorship and other resources to support those new to tech.

supporting women in engineering & baby sydes!

played matchmaker and matched my friends with younger mentees in systems design engineering! occasionally host events

Fun stuff

I have too many hobbies that I can count on one hand, but these are the ones that stick, along with the occasional prank here and there.


it’s me and my pink ukulele against the world. I love spontaneous jam sessions and (sometimes) performing.


helped make a fake restaurant real for a day.


i lied, it’s also me and my camera against the world. I love taking photos of my friends. More on @memoriesbymathu.


making it my mission to see the prettiest sunsets and sunrises possible