Welcome to Mathu's crib

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Currently : in SF (say hi!) or shoot me an email: mathurah.ravigulan@gmail.com

I think in systems and I experience my life in omnioculars. I work in the intersection of product & engineering, and also work in venture. Right now I'm exploring and hoping to build something of my own.

I enjoy building fun projects to bring joy to the web, collaborating with friends, working on hard problems, and making an impact. I also love sharing my thoughts with the world and telling stories through creative writing and personal essays. Check some of them out here.

Some areas I'm interested in include: creative/collaborative coding, tools for thought, intersection of product and engineering, human computer interaction, story-telling, and education.


The internet can be a scary place sometimes. But I'm making this space my home, all topped off with a warm chai latte, inviting you on my journey.

now, pls take off your shoes.


right now I’m:

  • Currently I'm based in San Francisco working at Netflix as a prototyping engineering - bringing experiments from the product design team to life.

in past lives I:

  • Redesigned the cycles transaction history page for Replit as a product engineer

  • co-organized a summit for 100 women operator angel investors @ModernAngels

  • helped raise 8k to help run a rabbitholeathon for frens to read and learn for a weekend

  • fostered a community of builders through hosting coworking sessions at Waterloo called Socratica

  • helped run Envision Accelerator, providing non-dilutive grants to underrepresented founders

  • fostered a community for people new to tech at Waterloo through scaling Tech+ UW

  • worked in product at CommandBar and at Microsoft, & built components for Shopify’s checkout design system

  • taught at Canada Learning Code and Girls Make Games