by: mathurah

random ideas I want to see built

hit me up if you want to make any of these with me :)

  • choose photos of different fashion you like, continue choosing images and then it will reveal what your personal style is
  • ticket master concert disruptor: how can we reward die hard fans and top listeners to get better access?
  • chrome extension: whenever you open a social media app or something because you're bored, makes you do an exercise instead
  • gpt-3 characters/game where you can choose a character of your liking (ex. harry potter, yoda, etc.) and have a conversation with them or ask them question. Can have a library of a few characters to start
  • daily logs
    • A way to text to a number that will automatically add daily logs to your website
    • These daily logs can be password protected
  • Would be cool if you can curate the algorithm and customize social media how you want to see it
  • everytime I'm learning something again for the first time i have to go through a bunch of links/notes, would be cool to have a website of a bunch of cheat sheets for different topics
  • tasks turn a different colour if they've been there for too long (almost like food becoming sour in a fridge) - I want to be rewarded for completing tasks with urgency
  • customized workout playlist app
    • You can add all the sets and specific workouts you want to do, with a timer as well
  • I want a way to be able to keep in touch with friends in a long-form way
  • I wish I could drop a company or random link and the website can give me links to other things that are similar to it
    • Almost like a product discovery engine - I discover something niche and want to see if there's something similar
  • Why is Google Collab so hard to use? The version controlling is horrible and it's so hard to collaborate together with other people. I find that I was just commenting out blocks that didn't work and had to figure out how to save the old stuff while iteratively adding things to the same version to improve what we had
  • I want a chrome extension that can injest information from a website and automatically highlight and let me know what the main point of the article is. I can input what i'm looking to learn/who I am as a reader
  • it doesn't make sense that kids have choose majors and universities at 18, without any exposure at all to what the real world is like, or seeing what career opportunities are out there
  • Wish I could have a private scratch pad of the internet - like curius but make all of these notes private

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